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For Our Friend Alys

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Static Shock ficlet [Jun. 27th, 2007|08:20 pm]
For Our Friend Alys


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I hope you enjoy this. ^^ It's supposed to take place when the boys are about five years older...

Virgil let out a slight sigh of relief as he landed on a roof, glancing back at the burning building. A minute more and he might have been too late. Turning his attention to his precious load, he settled the currently unconscious person down on the roof, kneeling down next to him.

Aside from the unconscious part, Richie seemed mostly unharmed, which relieved him greatly. He wasn't sure what he would have done if it hadn't been so. The mere thought mortified him.

Sure, they were superheroes, and as such inclined to get hurt every now and then. It had happened, sometimes, but nothing more than some cuts and bruises, a sprained wrist at most. Nothing serious, not ever.

He wouldn't allow anything serious to happen.

Although he was a grown man now – they both were – Richie still looked somewhat... fragile... as he lay there, unmoving. His Gear equipment didn't help much. Even superheroes could seem easy to hurt, after all.

Good thing he had Virgil to look after him.

Just as he was about to get worried after all, Virgil noted signs of life in his partner – partner, not sidekick, as he'd been reminded enough times that it'd be impossible for him to forget it by now. With a blink, Richie opened his eyes, looking up at Virgil.

”...Damn. This is unfair,” he muttered, sitting up. ”I'm always the one who gets rescued, aren't I?”

”Not really,” Virgil said with a chuckle. ”There was that time with the frogmen, remember? I'd have been a goner without you. And it's not the only time by far.”

”Perhaps not, but not by far.” Richie raised his eyebrows. ”In the last five years, I have been kidnapped, imprisoned, and/or taken control of a total of 137 times. For you, it's happened four times. I can't help but see a teeny tiny difference here.”

”Oh, don't take it so seriously,” Virgil laughed. ”You're free and okay once again, aren't you? And police's gonna get the baddies and their headquarter's currently going to ashes. What more do you want?”

”To not be called a damsel in distress by the evil ones?” Richie suggested dryly. ”Even they have taken notice of my rescuable status. Forget about a sidekick; I've been given the role of the hero's girlfriend!”

At this, Virgil laughed again. ”Wow, what a miscast,” he said. ”It's quite obvious enough that you aren't a girl.”

”That's why I'm wondering just why I ended up in that role. Whenever somebody wants to threaten Static, what do they do? Turn their eyes to Gear, of course! Am I truly so insignificant as to be only valuable as a way of getting at you?”

”Oh, give it a rest.” Virgil rose to his feet, offering his friend a hand. ”You're not insignificant in any way, Rich. In fact,” at this, he winked at the other man, ”I'd even say you're my significant other.”

”Oh, shut up.” However, Richie was smiling as he took the offered hand and pulled himself up. Somehow, he ended up being pulled even further, Virgil closing him in a hug as though to make sure one last time he was there all in one piece.

”...Do you really mind being rescued that much?” Virgil asked after a moment. ”Because, you know, it makes me feel important. It's not nice that you're always stolen from me, but it's nice to know that I'm the one to rescue you.”

”...Well, not really.” Richie had his arms around Virgil's waist, now. ”I don't really mind... as long as it's you.”

”Good,” was all Virgil said.

They stood like that for a while longer.

[User Picture]From: alys_wonder
2007-07-01 08:48 am (UTC)
Oh, Richie, you KNOW you're just there to be rescued XD

*hugs* Thank you so much, Muri, I loved it <333333333333333
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[User Picture]From: lumelle
2007-07-04 09:37 pm (UTC)
He's so the damsel in distress.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. *hugs muchly*
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